Is Shabbat House only about Friday nights , TGIF?

Here's the rest of the story:


  • Challah making-very popular experience
  • Loaves of Love-sharing the challahs we bake with families in the community


  • Cooking for Shabbat-with volunteers and/or guests-a welcome setting, bring favorite recipes, have fun. Learn how to prepare for Shabbat in your home.
  • Children's Programming
  • Candlelighting
  • Dinner

Shabbat Day:

  • Children’s Programming – hands-on activities-, skits and games, singing and storytelling

  • Kiddush Club-Shabbat treats, L’chaims and Learning – Chassidic insight into the Torah portion of the week with depth and meaning that you never heard before followed by a “Kiddush Club” of exotic temptations like Cholent, single malt....

Saturday Night:

  • Musical Havdalah-saying good-bye to Shabbat