OK , so you're not a regular at Temple and you don't consider yourself religious.

But you are a Jew who loves being Jewish and loves Israel and kindness and generosity.

In fact, your inner self is as G-dly and divine as every other Jew regardless of outer appearances.

So let's get started. The easiest, most meaningful and fun Jewish experience is Friday evening Shabbat Dinner- eat amazing cooking, say l'chaim, sing, share from the heart with family and friends, old and new- all that is truly important in life in a warm, kind of holy atmosphere. And you do think the concept of a day of rest, once a week and focusing on family is a good idea. So where do you go to enjoy this experience?

Enter Rabbi Boruch and Devorah Klar. Until now we have had tons of Shabbat guests in our home over the years. There is nothing we enjoy more. But you kind of needed an invitation or an invitation through a regular who wished to share with you.

Now there is Shabbat House. The Klars run it, but it is there for you. Simply go online  to make a reservation for you, family and/or friends. You couldn't make us happier!

What do you mean? I just go to Shabbathouse.org and tell you I'm coming? What about cost? There is no cost. But there are ten of us? Sorry, no charge.So who's paying for this amazing celebration every week? Donations from people who think this is a wonderful idea and want to share it with the world.

We will have to confirm reservations to make sure we can accommodate all the guests each week.

So there is no excuse now. It's what you call a win-win. Let's party!