Shabbat dinner with the KIars........a joy filled evening. The glow of the bright candles, the delicious aromas of the wonderful feast,  friendly hugs,  cheerful singing, sharing of stories all create an incredible event. A time to relax, reflect, rejoice.....Thank you for sharing your time, energy and passion to create amazing memories. 



           Suzanne and Elliot Grossman



"Spending Shabbat with Rabbi and Devorah Klar elevates the experience to a higher spiritual level. It changed the way we look at Friday nights!"

"Rabbi and Devorah Klar are masters at bringing people together on a Friday night and turning it into a memorable and lasting Shabbat experience!"


Tami and Larry Prince



“Our experience with Rabbi Boruch and Devorah on Shabbat, is more than having a meal….it is like coming HOME!”



Artie Hazan



Shabbos at the Klars is magical and meaningful. My three children and I were blessed to be able to spend many Shabbos' with the Klars and their lovely family and the positive impact of those days had a strong influence on all of us and will remain with us forever. So the story goes that when people are trying to find their way to the Klars' house, they are told "you can't miss it - it is the happiest place in town." This is true. There is joy and love and warmth and spirituality. If you are lucky enough to learn of their new Shabbos house and snag an invitation to attend - run do not walk - and bring your family and friends. Everyone is always welcome with open arms and open hearts. The feelings of warmth and spiritual fulfillment you have when you leave will linger long after Shabbos is over and will have positive effect on your every-day life. And you will for sure look forward to returning - again and again. Like I did!:)


Debbie Hochberg